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How to prolong the service life and stability of pneumatic ball valves

How to prolong the service life and stability of pneumatic ball valves

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Pneumatic ball valves are widely used in industry as a general type of valves. They are used in large quantities and consume fast. They need to be maintained regularly and reasonably so as to improve work efficiency, save cost and reduce maintenance time.
How to make the pneumatic ball valve have longer service life and stable performance?
1. Clean the debris and iron chips in the pneumatic valve with clean water before use.
2. When the pneumatic valve is closed, there will still be some residual media in the valve. It is necessary to cut off the power supply and air source and clean up again, so as to completely release the pressure in the valve body.
3. Valves generally use sealing materials to prevent leakage and wear. Sealing materials need to be cleaned regularly.
4. The nuts and bolts on the flange should be fixed tightly in order to prevent the uneven acceptance between the flange surfaces from causing damage or rupture of the cushion surface, leading to leakage of the medium from the butt joint of the valve flange.
5. If the valve works in open air for a long time, it may cause the valve and parts to rust, which may make the valve unable to work normally. Therefore, maintenance and testing are needed to ensure the stable operation of the performance.
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