How AT pneumatic actuators should be maintained

Release time: 2019-03-15

How to maintain AT pneumatic actuator well?
1, AT pneumatic actuator and valve connection in accordance with ISO5211 standard, can be directly connected with the valve. It can also be connected with any valve through transition bracket and connector.
2, the installation must ensure that the pneumatic actuator and rotary axis and valve shaft coaxiality.
3、The inside of pipe joints and conduits should be cleaned and free of excess, dust and oil.
4, pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves, positioners, filters, pressure reducing valves, etc., can be connected by copper or nylon tube, in order to prevent dust and reduce noise, the exhaust port should be installed muffler or muffling throttle.
5, pneumatic actuator on the adjusting screw, you can micro-adjust the opening angle of the valve, after adjusting the nut must be locked.
6, after installation, the pneumatic actuator and the valve should be tested at the same time, the valve is pressurized to the rated pressure, the pneumatic actuator with a gas source pressure of 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa on the pneumatic actuator of the two air inlet switching inlet to observe the opening and closing of the valve should be rotating and flexible, no jamming phenomenon, and do repeated tests.
7, the installation of solenoid valve pneumatic actuator, debugging should be the first manual device (solenoid valve on the red button) tuning, and then power debugging.
8, AT pneumatic actuator should be regular maintenance and maintenance, regular pneumatic actuator with the use of air to the filter for draining, sewage, under normal circumstances, six-month inspection, an annual overhaul.


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